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Making Covid-19-references when writing about popular culture can feel tiresome, living in the midst of it but let “Taken From A Fixed Point” by In Fields console you in this age of pandemic. This album pierces through you like sunbeams through the blinders of your quarantine-ridden apartments’ windows.

This isn’t In Fields first appearance on the label. In 2019 the artist released a collaboration with Golden Bug and the exiting dynamics of that album resounds in this one. Though a little easier on the disco influences and a turn towards ambient, In Fields’ music is still “tension and release” dance music produced to perfection. In Fields characteristic sound contain contrasting elements where soft airy synth pads meet more frightening sounds dug up from somewhere deep and dark like in “Ghostnights”. 

The tracks are dynamic where growing crescendos fast and suddenly fades out and you realize your mind have been focusing on a completely different part of the sound. Underneath those surprising elements sits a skeleton of well-sounding bones keeping the songs together tight and steady.

“Taken From A Fixed Point” is dance music for a dance floor in your head and triggers the muscle memory in quarantinenauts tired of hard lock-down. Though produced in a dark place, this album gives a somewhat positive vision of the future and life on the other side. 

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