hoga Nord Rekords the exorcist Gbg


What new can be said about this incredible band? They have played the most danceable electronic death disco on the planet since 2012…or was it 2112? The past and the future melts together, trying to draw their timeline but anyways, right now their new 7” ”Stonerdisco”/”Superstandard” is out on Höga Nord Rekords.

Exorcist have embraced hard rock more obvious than before, especially on the A-side, which is a boogie nightmare with fuzz bass and totally freed from guitar solos. The rhythm section with Osynlige Mann on bass and Tentakel on drums, plows in usual manner down space and time while Vesslans synthesizers shoots gamma rays through Exo-universe. The B-side is haunting, unsentimental dystopic disco. 

The Exorcist prove that they still hold the powers of making supersonic dance music!