Höga nord rekords fontän

HNR042 Fontän – Svett / Bekçi

A trademark feature of Fontän is their ability to sound far out into cosmos but still earth-bound. The spacious vibrations in the music seem to come from somewhere hidden deep beneath the moss, a sound travelling through thousand miles of mycelia from tree to tree covering vast areas of forest landscape before shooting out from the leaves through the atmosphere, straight into space. 

Fontän pays justice to the term neo psychedelia. It´s easy to grasp the term “psychedelic” but harder to actually produce relevant psychedelic music. This band does just that; the respect for the for the past masters of psychedelia is obvious but Fontän doesn’t make sentimental music – they keep pushing the envelope of what this genre is.

In a parallel universe with the Kosmiche Musik being born in Sweden, this is how the Norse equivalent of Tangerine Dream might have sounded like.